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Disney Little Known Facts

Disney World discounts, tips, and tricks. How to get discounts at Disney World. Lots of pins of must-see things at Disney World, too.

So glad I pinned this. About to starting planning for Disney! So many tips!

How to Save Thousands on A Disney World Vacation

I love Orange is the New Black and I love Disney. The people who put them together in a video are now my heroes.

Disney Princesses Become 'Orange Is the New Black' Inmates

Meet the teenage model who looks just like Elsa from Frozen!

12 Facts About Maleficent…

12 Facts About Maleficent…

From food to secrets, the best Disney-themed boards to follow for all you DisFreaks.

Giving away a $50 Disney gift card on my site. Check it out!

I love Disney, but after seeing this woman's shirt and photos from that day, I can't believe Disneyland asked her to cover up her cleavage.

Disney urban legends and falsities. Sorry -- You can't tell "Andy's Coming" anymore. :(

7 Mind-Blowing Disney Urban Legends

Winnie the Pooh Reading Darth Vader’s ‘Star Wars’ Lines Is As Funny As You Think

Winnie the Pooh Reading Darth Vader's Lines Is Funny

HOLY COW - the giant fish tank at T-Rex in Disney World bursts open during dinner. Crazy video! No fishes hurt!

  • Kate S

    Alot of questions to be asked about this

Man Does Perfect ‘Let It Go’ Parody in Voices of Disney Characters This will be the greatest Disney video you'll see all month.

Man Does 'Let It Go' Parody in Voices of Disney Characters

Who doesn't live Idina Menzel from Frozen? She's twice as cute in the Jimmy Fallon video.

Watch Idina Menzel Perform 'Let It Go' With Jimmy Fallon

I loved the Finding Nemo one so much, I had to find the Frozen one. Another funny movie censorship video!

Frozen with Censored Scenes Really Lets It Go

The Unnecessary Censorship-version of Finding Nemo has me CRACKING UP.

Finding Nemo is Hilarious with Unnecessary Censorship