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Its Art...innit

This week I have mostly been "re-purposing" fire extinguishers.... Feeding Time. Robin Rowe. Mixed Media. 2013

Protest Art innit. So much of contemporary art upsets the viewer. I thought I would make something that upsets contemporary artists. Art is Easy. Robin Rowe. Mixed Media. 2013

By some strange artist called Robin Rowe

Well actually its Marmite...innit

Sans photoshop. Its real. Honestly. Szotyńscy & Zaleski in Poland

Supersic 58 typography

A city. Somewhere.

@straup paints - icecream. Makes a nice change from chocolate.

Catherine Deneuve. Ever since we were at school my friend Rob T has always been in love with her.

See I told you I had a thing about bananas. Artist: some wierdo called Robin Rowe...

Its transcendental abstractionism (but you knew that didnt you) by holger lippmann

I know I said no more skulls. But..its not really a skull is it? From Goverdose. Where passion for creating has never died

Cracked Ray Tube by James Connolly and Kyle Evans "flashing, screeching, wobbulating, self-generated electronic noise and video". Is wobbulating a word?

Andreas Englund - and one of his not so perfect super heros.

Paper sculptures - Lisa Hamilton. They are about 0.5 metres high.

Priceless. Why couldn't I have thought of this.