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Wow- who knew? Healing your "mommy tummy" :-) Diastasis Recti: how to heal from having kids and get your abs back together. I didn't know the separation between your abdominal muscles will constantly cause the "pooch" and crunches could actually worsen the gap. There are exercises here that will help to strengthen your core and make that gap smaller.

Cellulite Home Remedy Using Apple Cider Vinegar. Pin now, read later

Vitamin Booster

~Looks awkward but it's actually really helpful. All you do is click on whatever muscle group you want to work on and it gives you different ways to exercise that muscle~

Craving this...means you're missing this...

New obsession- kickboxing workout! Nice wanna try this

10 tips for doing yoga at home

Yoga poses to detoxify the body

2 ingredients and your pores will look like magic - homemade pore strips. @Tisha Payne @Kenna Harris Schultz peeeeeeeeeeeel!