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Inspired by the #photoaday project, I'm going to take bookish photos for the month of NOVEMBER. I hope you'll join me!

#DailyBookPic Read This! Midnight Riot (or Rivers of London,in the UK).Terrific urban fantasy series opener

#DailyBookPic In Progress: MS of my hubby @joncwriter's novel in the works

#DailyBookPic Adaptation: program from the operatic version of Moby-Dick, the recent SF Opera production.

#DailyBookPic Quotable: My Norton Anthologies from ENG 210. Anyone know why I keep quoting 19th c. poets lately??

Series reads: Discworld (small selection only!) - from the inimitable Terry Pratchett #DailyBookPic

#DailyBookPic Nonfiction: In my house, we separate the books by fic/nonfic, then alphabetize. Which is totally normal and non-obsessive.

Seasonal reading: Okay, so it's more a decoration, but you could read an excerpt a day for each of the twelve days of Christmas, if you chose appropriate books. #DailyBookPic

Day 4 - Weekend reading - SONG OF THE VOYAGEUR // Quirky Bookworm The Return of #DailyBookPic

Day 3 - Reading while eating // Quirky Bookworm

#DailyBookPic Book drop: does dropping down a manhole count? London, above and below