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Raising chickens is really fun! However, there are few things to keep in mind. If you have been keeping chickens, you have more likely experienced chickens molting. No need to panic! As molting of your pet chickens occurs once annually and is perfectly normal

Brooding hens are less likely to give good eggs and might stop laying eggs too. If you want baby chicks and do not have a broody hen, you might want to try incubating and hatching chicken eggs to get your own chicks. Learn proper use of Chicken incubator for hatching chicks

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Chickens as pets can be somewhat choosy. Your pet chickens will have the same basic needs as any other animal or pet. Providing them a predator proof chicken shed, fresh food and water are some of the pointers for your chicken care. Learn everything about Chicken care and their maintenance

Your pet chicken’s health is primary! Chicken care doesn’t ask good food only, but requires most suitable environment for your chickens too. Keeping chickens in a chicken shed or a chicken coop will not only keep them protected but will also save them from many precarious conditions

Raising newly-hatched baby chicks is not an easy job and requires so many things to consider. The article outlines basic needs regarding chicks care. Special care must be given to these young baby chickens in order for them to survive and grow into healthy adults.

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