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never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them.

This proposal though...

can we just talk about how perfect this is

This horseback proposal photo is amazing, as is this proposal story

Want to capture your engagement ring flawlessly? Flowers make for the perfect backdrop – here are 15 photos to show you what we mean. Photo by Paperlily Photography

amazing proposal in london. this is a dream.

We're in love with this romantic photo

Unique Marriage Proposal Idea

She thought the birthday weekend she planned would be a big surprise. He thought his proposal would be. He won.

Definitely how every girl feels after getting engaged!

Imagine having the heart of New York City all to yourself when you get engaged. How romantic!


Priceless proposal video.

Man proposes to girlfriend with a (really good) cover of "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes

How ADORABLE is this little girl trying on her aunt's new engagement ring!?!?

Marriage Proposal in a Beautiful Garden

An utterly gorgeous photoshoot turned proposal photographed by Anna K Photography via @HowHeAsked

"The photographers positioned us around the light and water and had us tell the other person reasons we fell in love with each other. Starting with me, we went back and forth until it was Terry’s turn again. He told me he loved how adventurous I was and how our whole relationship had been an amazing adventure. Then he started tearing up, telling me he wants to go on adventures with me for this rest of his life. Before I knew it, he reached in his pocket and was down on one knee."

flag football marriage proposal

she doesn't know there's a photographer behind them and that he's about to propose!

Who could say no to this face?

SO CUTE: ". I kid you not, that first time we met, we probably spoke for about 2 minutes given the fact that I was on my way to a football meeting and she was just leaving volleyball practice (plus my game was still developing a.k.a. I was still shy)."

Everyone should read this. It's unreal.