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"I guess I still hadn’t said yes out loud, but I immediately screamed yes through my tears!"

the video of him calling his mom after she says yes made me cry.

"And through the biggest smile on my face I quickly said 'YES'"

"This was not a dream, my guy actually just proposed to me."

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Beautiful beach shot for any couple, engaged or not!

"Our proposal was such a wonderful way to start our vacation and a new chapter in our lives, and the secret proposal pictures were the icing on the cake! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with such a wonderful man!"

a happy girl is a pretty girl

Swooning over all the past Bachelorette's engagement rings!

Having recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary this couple is The Bachelorette's greatest success story! Check out their proposal and the other Bachelorette rings on HowHeAsked!

"I met my sweet fiance in third grade, so it was obviously anything but love at first sight! I still remember. . ."

Puppy puzzle proposals - say that three times fast! Then read this proposal

This Whole Foods pick-up line stole her heart: Vladimir saw me in the store and made sure to get in line behind me at the cashier, which was where he led in with “so do you always shop all organic?”

The light zeroed in on each building that is significant in our relationship: Where we met: Tribeca Flashpoint in the Burnham building; Our first date: “Luminous Field” at Millennium Park; Where we’ve worked/ DCBolt events and installations at the Willis (Sears) Tower, Castle Entertainment and the Chicago Architecture Foundation building; and all of the buildings where we lived and called home throughout our relationship. Text that read “Will you marry me?” projected on Millennium Park and he got down on one knee. I immediately started crying and truly thought I was going to faint.

stop what you're doing and go see this puppy puzzle proposal.

This proposal just gets more and more amazing every time!

A marriage proposal that will fill your heart with love and your eyes with tears!