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"I want your love and I want your avenge!" -- Click through for the full gifset. #geekchic-- as a Little Monster and a geek this is the best thing ever :)

...the avengers cast. Adorable in every way :3

Gif - gag reels - They always loved to dance <-- Chris Evans wasn't dancing, he was trying to get the parachute on. <<<< i cant even handle hawkeye!!

Bruce and Thor had the perfect plan, but Steve had to ruin everything again with his insistence on 'pants'.

When I hear someone talking about the Avengers! (GIF) After I recovered from lol-ing, I couldn't get past *who* was waiting to come out next!!!!!

I apologize for the colorful words but this has to be the greatest thing I have ever seen.

This scene was so funny and so perfectly encapsulated Bruce's psychological state. I wish they'd kept it!