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30 Student Awards for the end of the year! I created 30 so hopefully each student can be awarded one in your class! Enjoy! :) Contains: Classroom Comedian Award Amazing Artist Award Most Organized Award Little Miss Fashionista Award Good Friend Award Hardest Worker Award.....

End of the Year Awards! ~ FREE!

Kindergarten Lifestyle: End of Year Parent Letter FREEBIE

Teach Junkie: 26 Fun and Memorable End of the School Year Celebration Ideas - Teacher Gift Poem

End of the year letter to parents...What parent wouldn't love to get this from their child's teacher!!!!omg I can't even finish because of the tears

How cute is this! Througout the last couple of days, kids take turns dressing up and posing for silly pictures in the class photo booth!

End of the year slideshow songs...and I'm thinking of using this site for song ideas to use on photo slideshow cd's I make for my family using photos I've taken of them throughout the year.

HIGHLY recommend this packet! I can't wait to put it together for my kiddos!

Let's Have a Math Carnival! This is filled with fun activities that are perfect for an end-of-year review for first grade. $4.00

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Cheap End of the Year Student Gifts!

Let kids nominate students for end-of-the-year rewards!

I'm an end-of-the-year expert!! Fun craft and writing activity to help students share what they have learned this year.

End of the year book. On the last day of school, I took out all of my colored pencils and had the children autograph everyone's book. Great time filler!

End of year--"First Grade is out of this world because..." using Aliens Love Underpants

Going out with a BANG! Last 10 days of school... each balloon has a special activity. Everyday you pop one balloon to find out what it is! (work without shoes on, eat lunch in the classroom, switch seats day, etc.)

Love this idea for the last day or so of school- make stations for the kids to make things to take home over the summer. She has a station to make math flash cards, pick up a writing journal, make a book out of copied anchor charts, etc.

Fee Printable End of School Year Treat Bag Topper

End of Year Goodbye Gift for Classmates...could use the kool aide jammers too