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Teachers: Dollars & Sense

H&R Block Dollars & Sense is dedicated to providing and highlighting resources for teachers and parents to teach teens about finance.

Exactly how big IS a billion? Check out the originality, creativity and math skills displayed by the students and teachers who earned classroom grants through the @H&R Block "How Big is a Billion?" challenge. #dollarsandsense #HBIAB

One billion dollars would fill 2,983 bathtubs. What else would it fill, cover, or buy? Tell @H&R Block and you could win $3,000 for your classroom.

Have you seen those catchy "get your billion back" commercials? Turn it into a math assignment and you could win $3,000 from @H&R Block

How big is $1 billion? H&R Block is giving away some awesome prizes to teachers and kids with the best answers! Share yours today.

10,650 babies born every day in the U.S. x $93,896 = one billion dollars. Challenge kids to illustrate their own $1 billion problems and you could win $3,000 for your classroom from @H&R Block

How much is $1 billion? A whole lot of pencils. Show us your students' $1 billion math for the chance to win over $15,000 in prizes from @H&R Block

How much is $1 billion? Share your students' most creative answer with @H&R Block for the chance to win more than $15K in prizes.

One billion dollars would buy over $300 in school supplies for every U.S. public school teacher. Show us YOUR students' $1 billion math and you could win $3,000 from @H&R Block

Ooomph. $1 billion is pretty hefty. Show us how it stacks up in your students' eyes and you could win big money for your own classroom from @H&R Block

How do you teach big numbers? Show us your students $1 billion-inspired math and you could win up to $3,000 from @H&R Block

Challenge your class to show how big $1 billion is and you could win $3,000 for your classroom from @H&R Block

Lesson Plan – The Beginning & the End! – Teens create a portfolio to plan for life after high school, from getting a job to investing wisely #lessonplans

Lesson Plan — What Education Do You Need to Live Comfortably? — Help students calculate the cost of living, then pick a career path to follow #lessonplans

H&R Block Dollars & Sense's financial literacy contest with WeAreTeachers ended Wednesday, December 11, 2013.

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