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Hipster Ariel & Eric - plus more at the link! (EPBOT: MegaCon 2014: The Beginning)

Fairies, Disney's Sleeping Beauty, from Japan Expo 2013. Other halloween costumes I can't believe we never thought of in college

I’m convinced that Jen wants to be a Disney character…

Imagine if Disney Prince's were in a boy band. This is amazing.... I honestly didn't want this video to end! Plus let's just talk about Prince Eric and Mickey for a second...

"So I had no voice at work today, & since I work at the Disney Store.I had a little note pad, in which I wrote, “Can’t speak,Ursula the Sea Witch stole my voice!But I’m happy to assist you!”And a little girl came up to me, read my notepad,grabbed my hand, and dragged me all around the store, asking random guys if they’d like to be my“true love”so I can get my voice back and stay human,it was the most adorable,awkward situation I had ever been in." THIS IS AMAZINGGG


still waiting on prince charming...

prince naveen in princes gone wild by david kawena

David Kawena's Hunky Disney Princes

Prince adam (beast) in princes gone wild by david kawena

Prince adam (beast) in princes gone wild by david kawena