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Are you new to Homeschooling? If so, we've got the resources and the answers to your questions here!

Teach With All Your Might | HSLDA bLOG

Teach With All Your Might | HSLDA

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas | HSLDA

Back to Homeschool - GIVEAWAY and Ideas | HSLDA

Options for Curriculum for the Next School Year | HSLDA

Options for Curriculum for the Next School Year | HSLDA

Homeschooling: It's a great adventure! | What does joining HSLDA do for you?

What Does It Take To Homeschool? Part II | If you and I sat next to each other to enjoy a cup of coffee together, and you were to ask me what it takes to homeschool, I'd say, "Perseverance." -MaryAnn Gaver, HSLDA Blogger | HSLDA

Are you considering joining HSLDA, but are uncertain as to what assistance your family will receive and the benefits involved? This week, Mike Smith explains just how HSLDA protects your right to homeschool and provides an abundance of guidance and resources to assist in your homeschooling journey.

HSLDA | Five Reasons for HSLDA

The verb home•school has existed since the early 1980s. So have we! | HSLDA

What Does It Take To Homeschool? Part I | HSLDA

Do you know your Homeschool State Laws? | HSLDA

HSLDA | Home School Laws

Are you—or someone you know—thinking about pulling your student out of public school, but not sure how to get started homeschooling in the middle of a term? This week, an HSLDA attorney and an HSLDA educational consultant join host Mike Smith on Home School Heartbeat with all the information you need to start now!

HSLDA | Homeschool Now! Starting Midyear

HSLDA, Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms | We're here to help!


A Word of Encouragement from Michael Farris | "I spoke to a national gathering of state legislators about the Convention of the States. We gained a great number of new legislative sponsors which is a real encouragement. But, I wanted to share will all of you another form of encouragement that I experienced at that meeting" | HSLDA

Ever feel lonely and overwhelmed on your homeschooling journey? Find inspiration and encouragement as Rudy Hugo, president of New York State Loving Education at Home, shares his passion for helping homeschoolers join together to support each other and achieve their goals.


Choosing Curriculum | HSLDA

Did you know that all the attorneys at Home School Legal Defense are homeschool dads?

Homeschooing through the good and the bad.

Twelve Reasons To Start Homeschooling This Fall | HSLDA

Your Transition Team | HSLDA

You're Going To Soar! | HSLDA

The Temperature of Your Home (and Heart!) | HSLDA

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