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Holly Stokes

Holly Stokes

I love this!!!! People in relationships need to remember... Nobody is perfect.

You is what I need! When I'm with you nothing else matters

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everything is perfect

God knows I wasn't looking at all. I was intent upon living alone with 5 cats in an apartment while driving a hybrid and writing books. Then you kind of showed up.. I told God to take those feelings away if it weren't meant to be on several occasions, and he didn't. And here we are.

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Perfect union...hope we are meant for each other and that this is true...

I've fallen for every second I get to spend with you, even if those seconds will always leave me wanting more.

Yes but I have no idea how to ask if he feels the same way. And if the answer is no, it will devastate me.

This happened to me twice... The first time it was a kid that i had liked for a year and he knew i did and he asked if i still did like him so i told him and then my crush now asked and im pretty sure i gave it away by acting weird..

crushes quotes for girls - Google Search

crushes quotes for girls - Google Search

Not to sound needy or possessive, but it kind of breaks your self esteem down when the guy you like goes after another girl. No, they don't belong to you, but you still end up hurting, no matter how much you want for that person to be happy.

I don't want the whole world the sun, the moon, and all their light. I just want to be the only girl you love all your life. Wedding song Home decor LIndsay@KooserDes...

Late night phone calls, kisses in the rain, cuddling during movies, good morning texts, I love you more fights, all I want with you.

I asked my heart the same question. I always thought I couldn't be with a guy like my Sexy Cowboy, but boy was I wrong. I'm so blessed to be with my Sexy Cowboy!

The only thing worse than not getting what you want is watching someone else getting it. <\3