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Hoetips #74 - 'Unless you're Madonna the whole 'pointy boob' thing isn't considered a fashion statement, it's just called gross...get a fucking bra if you fucking need one.'

Hoetips #62 - 'If some bitch is pissing you off it takes 42 muscles to frown, but only 4 to slap that fucker in the face.'

Hoetips #54 - 'To all the hoes who say that they wanna be skinnier...I've never heard a bro complain about a hoe being too curvy.'

Hoetips #57 - '"It's not my fault, I was drunk." is never a valid excuse.'

Hoetips #64 - 'Never go for a guy who's in a relationship. Show a little class ladies, when you play in someone else's sandbox you get crabs.'

Hoetips #44 - 'Looks like you have a bad case of dumb bitch. Grow the fuck up and you should be just fine.'

Hoetips #20 - 'If you thought you were fat you wouldn't have ordered that. Shut up and eat before I shove it down your throat myself.'

Hoetips #106 - 'Don't be too humble, nor too sure to embrace just the right amount of swag.'

Hoetips #18 - 'Sleeping with most of the guys in your school doesn't make you popular, it just makes you the school slut.'

Hoetips #42 - 'If you wanna fly get rid of the shit that's weighing you down.'