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Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC

Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC

Hu-Friedy helps dental professionals perform at their best by offering products, services and community support that improve lives through better dentistry.

The 7/8 Gracey After-Five curette has a terminal shank that is elongated by 3mm and a blade that has been thinned by 10% to allow for better insertion into deep, vertical facial and lingual pockets.

Developed with the expertise of Key Opinion Leader Sherry Burns, no periodontal tray should be without these scalers! The extended shank length allows reach into deep periodontal pockets. The SRPG1/2 is ideal for deep, narrow anterior pockets.

"A smaller DeMarco Furcation Curette with 2 discoid ends for debris removal between roots. In addition, the discoid shaped working end is excellent for stain removal on anterior lingual surfaces!"

"For hygienists who treat many patients with furcation involvement, the DeMarco Furcation Curette provides two round, discoid ends for access between roots. The discoid working ends allow all sides of the blade to be used for debris removal."

"An oldie but a goodie! The McCall 17/18 is perfect for tricky spots on the most distal surfaces--the second molars--where there are often pseudo pockets or localized deep pockets from exctracted third molars. Use the longer curved shank to reach over the occlusal surface onto the distal." - Nancy Richardson, RDH, Manager, Global Education at Hu-Friedy

Implacare II scalers provide thinner working ends and new designs that allow you to better adapt to and effectively scale implants while causing the least amount of alteration to implant abutment surfaces. The Barnhart 5/6 with with its' angled shank allows effective proximal reach of posterior implant surfaces." - Theresa Biernat, RDH, Product Manager at Hu-Friedy

The Gracey 7/8 Mini Five Curette is great for narrow pockets and furcations in posterior buccal and lingual areas.

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be taking a closer look at the Gracey Mini Five curettes. With a longer terminal shank and a very small blade this curette allows for optimal adaptation for calculus removal in very narrow anterior pockets.

"When a hygienist tells me they like the S204S, I show them the Nevi 2. I love this instrument because it has a longer terminal shank than the S204S that will usually reach through the entire contact area of molars while allowing your wrist to stay in a neutral position. Everything about its design is perfect! I've had several doctors purchase it as an interproximal scaler for composite flash because of its access to posterior interproximal spaces." -Peggy Skirball, RDH, BS, RAM in NC

Who loves Gracey 13/14's? Now imagine it with a thin universal dual cutting edge. The Langer 3/4 After Five is a thin bladed universal curette with an extended shank that can be used as a subgingival or supragingival powerhouse. Think of it as your H6/7's subgingival counterpart! Lisa Sojka, RDH, Region Manager, North American Strategic Markets

No one invests in the quality and heritage of instrument making like we do. We're extremely proud that our apprentice program is featured in the The Wall Street Journal today. Learn more about our 4 apprentices! #dental #HuFriedy

The Gracey 13/14 is the valuable partner to the Gracey 11/12 curette! These are used in tandem to remove subgingival calculus. The angle of the blades and the feature of a single sharp edge allows for minimal tissue trauma upon insertion into pockets.

Did you know you could get the Nevi 1's "scoop" disc end (great for lingual stain removal), but with the larger H5 sickle on the other end?

Every hygienist is familiar with a Gracey 11/12 -- great for scaling posterior mesial surfaces. Available in EverEdge, this curette is a powerhouse component of both prophy and SRP procedural set-ups. Have you tried the Gracey 11/12?

"Two instruments in one--what could be better? A straight anterior sickle on one end with a universal anterior curette on the other, this one is great to use on pedo setups to decrease the volume of instruments the child has to see!" - Donna Olewinski, RDH, Perio Sales Lead at Hu-Friedy

For hygienists who prefer a straight, rather than curved, sickle scaler, the 31/32 Jacquette scaler is an ideal option. Designed with two cutting edges that come to a point, this straight sickle scaler is effective on posterior interproximal areas.

The #1 selling scaler and a mainstay of procedural set-ups for a good reason! The shank angulation and blade length make this the perfect scaler for anterior interproximal areas! Available with an EverEdge blade that allows this workhorse scaler to be sharpened less frequently.

One of the best kept secrets in hygiene! Imagine this scaler as an explorer with a cutting edge--50% shorter blade and thinner tip design adapts to facial and lingual incisors like a puzzle piece. - Lisa Sojka, RDH, BS, Region Manager at Hu-Friedy

We're celebrating our automated Sidekick Sharpener's 10th birthday by giving YOU the gift! Click through and enter the contest: tell us how having a Sidekick would help you/your office and you could win!

With three application systems in one unit, meet the AIR-FLOW Master Piezon® – the ultimate biofilm management device! One side features Piezon technology for comfortable ultrasonic scaling, while the other side has AIR-FLOW technology for air polishing, stain removal and biofilm disruption. Easily switch between the AIR-FLOW powder chamber & handpiece for supragingival applications and the PERIO-FLOW chamber & handpiece for subgingival applications.

The Pointed McCall Curette gives all the advantages of a posterior universal curette but has a bonus feature of a pointed tip! This curette is used for the removal of supragingival calculus and the pointed tip assists in reaching under the contact area to access those hard to reach spicules of calculus.

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