Yarn ball winder.

  • Audrey Milne

    I recently bought one and love it - saves time and prevents sore arm muscles :)

I . want . all . the . too, and me :)... and me!

I can haz?! - What breed is this?

  • Amber Williams

    Its the color of a weimaraner, but not as roly poly as a weimaraner puppy typically is.

  • Kim Daniel

    It looks like a Pit Bull to me. We had a gray brindle Pit just like this one, AWESOME dog, but had skin problems because it's a rare color. Our Pit was a great protector for our family!!

  • Lori Watson

    It's an Isabella dachshund

oh, I want to snuggle under this luscious blanket- it looks so soft! I'm jealous of that kid.

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