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Robert Morris, Observatory. 1971

Modern Architecture: John Lautner Arango House in Acapulco Mexico 1973 as photographed by Julius Shulman.

Workmen close the gap on Oct. 28, 1965, as they insert a 10-ton keystone, completing three years of construction. A hydraulic jack atop the 630-foot arch forced the structures legs apart for installation. (sbentheviking: Nakagin Capsule Building - 1972-...)

Unfinished railway tunnel under the Dnipro 1936. Ukraine.

Blue Box House, Tokyo, Japan, 1971: Mayumi Miyawaki

Summehouse Lagnö Stockholm by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Radix: Aires Mateus' common Ground at the Biennale of Architecture

Begun in 1983, the Phillip Island House by Denton Corker Marshall rejects nostalgia in residential architecture, instead pursuing monumentality and restraint. Considered “ruthlessly elegant” when completed, this concrete bunker remains one of a kind in Australia

Buckminster Fuller's home The Fuller Dome. Here are a few verses of "Roam Home to a Dome", written by Bucky + sung to tune of "Home on the Range": "There once was a square with a romantic flare, Pure Beaux Arts, McKim, Meade + White; In the mood than ensued, he went factory-nude Mies, Gropy, Corbussy and Wright. Roam home to a dome, Where Georgian + gothic once stood; Now chemical bonds alone guard our blondes. And even the plumbing looks good."

The Bolwoningen houses in Maaspoort, were designed in the 1970s as an experimental building by Dries Kreij Camp With unusual floor plans, the bathrooms are in the middle of the ball , the living room upstairs & the bedrooms downstairs. The capsule has a diameter of 5.5 meters or 18 feet, with a front shaped like an airplane floor and has six round windows. They need no type of foundation, are low maintenance, low energy, lightweight, and can be easily put together or transported.

The Nakagin Capsule Tower by Kisho Kurokawa