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My little Owen 6 months and his daddy :) Thanks for this awesome invention!!!!!

My oldest son was 3/4 when he got his first Huggee. It was my husband's second deployment, the first one that our son would go through. That was back in 2010. I just ordered two more Huggees to help my other two children get through what will be my husbands third deployment. I couldn't imagine not having these for my boys to hold and hug while their father is gone!!

Someone received his daddy doll today!!! Thank you so much HMY staff!!!

Ojodeagua testimonial

Ojodeagua testimonial

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    My husband and I lost our third child to patent ductus arteriosis on Feb 25 2010. We were able to hold him and love on him as did our two other children. I can still hear his cries. Our children had a very hard time watching their brother pass and when we found these dolls, price was no issue, I snatched them and placed our sons picture inside for our children. Our son who passed name was Angel Ernesto Ojodeagua. Pictured are our children Diego Gabriel and Maria Isabel. Thank you for this product. They sleep with Angel and take him on vacations. My mother recently passed so I'm thinking about buying them another one and maybe a couple for myself. Don't we all need a comfort tool? Again thank you for this product.

For Military Families: great idea for staying connected during deployment ~ deployment buddy from Huggee Miss You!

SOMETHING TO HUG, FREE (Operation Give a Hug's Huggee Miss You dolls) - Provides dolls to Family Readiness Groups, Family Resource Assistants, Fleet and Family Support Centers, Airman Readiness Centers, Military Family Life Consultants, School Counselors, Behavioral Therapists, Chaplains, Casualty Assistance Officers and other support personnel and programs.

Operation Give a Hug

Military Dolls - Army, Navy, Air Force, Ribbon Flag, Marines

Everyone needs and Hugg. A Huggee Doll helps with separation anxiety from * Moving to a new home * Starting at a new school * Entering an assisted living facility * Military deployment * Hospital stays * Long vacations * Loss of a loved one

Aero with her "dada". She loves to HUGG her Huggee Miss You doll.

Aunt Ashlie and Uncle Jerome gave Lina her "daddy" to hugg

Emily and Brianna with their "dad"

Haven is napping with her "dad".

"Thanks for the dolls. The kids take them everywhere and sleep with them, too. They love that you can record messages on them."

Belle with her "Daddy"

HUGGEE MISS YOU™ Doll - Military collection - add your photo and voice to doll


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    So sweet you just want to kiss. love how his arms are hugging "daddy" even in a deep sleep. So so grateful to be in your family comforting your gorgeous baby. Thank you.