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Unity in Diversity

It calls for a wider loyalty, for a larger aspiration than any that has animated the human race. It insists upon the subordination of national impulses and interests to the imperative claims of a unified world. It repudiates excessive centralization on one hand, and disclaims all attempts at uniformity on the other. Its watchword is unity in diversity.

Stewart Fulbright is seen in an undated photo. Fulbright, a trailblazing black educator who piloted a bomber during World War II as one of the Tuskegee Airmen and was the first dean of the North Carolina Central University School of Business, died in Durham, N.C. on Jan. 1, 2012 after a short illness, according to his son, Edward. He was 92. ~Via Chere Brown

Western Wall clean up conducted ahead of Jewish New Year

May you become as the waves of one sea, stars of the same heaven, fruits adorning the same tree, roses of one garden in order that through you the oneness of humanity may establish its temple in the world of mankind, for you are the ones who are called to uplift the cause of unity among the nations of the earth. ~ Abdu’l-Bahá

Black pudding, a mix of congealed pigs' blood, fat and rusk encased in lengths of intestines, takes centre stage in the annual throwing championships in Northern England. Contestants are taking their three shots at becoming the next World Black Pudding Throwing champion, by knocking off as many Yorkshire puddings - Roots of the contest date back to a tall tale from the 15th century War of the Roses, when the houses of York and Lancaster fought for the English throne.

"Youths are passed through schools that don't teach, then forced to search for jobs that don't exist and finally left stranded in the street to stare at the glamorous lives advertised around them." ~ Huey P. Newton

If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies. How very different our ideals of beauty would be.

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Oromo Community Demonstration in Toronto on The Canada Africa 2014 Busin...

▶ Kevin Locke Hoop Dance Aug 2013 Jamestown ND - Performance by Kevin Locke during Pioneer Days at Frontier Village in Jamestown, ND, Locke is a preeminent player of the Native American flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator. He is most known for his hoop dance, The Hoop of Life.

Hoop Dancer: 60 Awesome creative Paper Sculpture | Pictures Cast paper sculptures by Allen Eckman