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Unity in Diversity

It calls for a wider loyalty, for a larger aspiration than any that has animated the human race. It insists upon the subordination of national impulses and interests to the imperative claims of a unified world. It repudiates excessive centralization on one hand, and disclaims all attempts at uniformity on the other. Its watchword is unity in diversity.

As reported by the National Coalition for the Homeless and NBC News, 33 cities and at least four municipalities — Daytona Beach, Florida; Raleigh, N.C.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; and Birmingham, Alabama — have implemented policies that block people and ministries from sharing food with the homeless (Read more here)

On his official Twitter account, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posted this historic collage along with the words: "Today like...

Tibetan Monks living in exile in India traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to show solidarity against systematic injustice and repression.

Hands Up, Don't Shoot

Resist Occupation

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Photographer Eunique Jones Gibson's series "Because of Them, We Can" is empowering youth by connecting them to past and present heroes.

Tens of thousands took part in Spain's annual tomato fight, armed with 140 tonnes of plum tomatoes took part in the 'Tomatina' on Aug 27, joyously splattering each other in the Spanish town of Bunol just inland on Spain's Mediterranean coast. They spent some 30,000 euros on the fruit and dumped it in the streets for the chanting masses. Truckloads of vitamin C and fibre were soon pureed on El Cid Street, the ripe redness smeared over walls and people.

P. Diddy : " I'm talking bout Emmett Till, I'm talking bout Ezell Ford I'm talking bout Sean Bell, they never go to jail for Trayvon over Skittles, Mike Brown Cigarillos History keeps repeating itself, like a Biggie instrumental America's a glass house and my revenge is mental Rather use my brain than throw a cocktail through a window" - raps in Don't Shoot

DJ KHALED "As we keep our hands up high and scream for justice Ferguson, rest in peace Mike Brown And all the young soldiers out there God help us" raps in Don't Shoot

The Game : "Tired of them killing us, I'm on my way to Ferguson Talked to TIP, I talked to Diddy, them my brothers walking with me Mothers crying "Stop the riots", we ain't got to chalk the city I seen Cole out there, thought I should go out there They left that boy for hours in the cold out there" - raps in Don't Shoot

Rick Ross : " Hands in the sky, still was left in the road Ribbon in the sky, Michael Brown, another soul Stole by the system, black men we pay the toll The price is your life, Uncle Sam want a slice Black dress code now we looting in the night Now we throwing Molotovs in this holocaust And I know they hate to hear me screaming, 'I'm a Boss!'" raps in Don't Shoot

2 Chainz : " Driving while black, tell me, where am I supposed to go? Gun shots hit the car, now I got the holy ghost If excessive force was a drug, then they overdosed Got us tryna protest, it's a slow process Heard it's a lot of rotten eggs in the crow's nest People praying on they feet" raps in Don't Shoot

TGT Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank "Time to take a stand and save our future Like we all got shot, we all got shot Throwin up our hands don't let them shoot us" - rapping in Don't Shoot

An all-star team of rappers goes in on one of 2014's biggest stories. "I managed to get everyone on board fairly easy, simply because we have the hearts," says the Game."We care and are inclined to take a positive approach to resolving an issue that has existed since the beginning of mankind and that is racism and hatred towards one another as human beings."

This rendition of Pharrell's hit song "Happy" comes from campers and staff at Deaf Film Camp 2014 at Camp Mark Seven.

Eskimo Woman with a wry look, 1899 Arctic indigenous populations now range from about 80% in Greenland, 50% in Canada, 20% in Alaska, 15% in Arctic Norway and as little as 3-4% in Arctic Russia.

'Film The Police' campaign poster circulated amid the #Ferguson, Missouri riots 2014. Source: Operation Ferguson

Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein #royalty

This art shows the 1846 "Spirit of the First Nations" exhibit for the proposal for Fort Edmonton Park. This exhibit will focus on the importance of the aboriginal culture in the region and use "interactive storytelling."