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Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward in Cry-Baby. So Important.

Jennifer Lawrence. If she's not as much of a superstar as, say, Meryl Streep sometime soon...I'll eat my hat.

  • Ra K

    No one can compare to Meryl though.. what a babe.

Young Idina Menzel has the best tshirt, hair, etc.

Paz de la Huerta: so ridiculous and amazing.

Courtney Love. I had this picture, or at least one very similar to it, glued to my maths book in third form. It was the only good thing about maths class.

Judy Garland. So talented, so badly treated, so could stare into those eyes for hours.

Idina Menzel in the film version of RENT. So important.

Jessica Chastain, 1/1000000000000.