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Your pencil should be talking, not your mouth.

Oh' Boy 4th Grade: Farley needs a filter...

Snowman Counting Number Recognition Game | Mama Papa Bubba

Snowman Counting and Number Recognition Game - Mama. Papa. Bubba.

Kindergarten Counting & Numbers Activities: Number Recognition Bingo

Number Recognition Bingo

Letter Match activity

Adventures in Kindergarten: SO much going on

great for Working with Words! the students match the upper case letter on the clothes pin with the lower case letter on the card.

Sprinkles to Kindergarten!

Tired of flashcards? Here are some creative (and effective) ways to teach sight words (or dolch, high-frequency, fry, etc.). Love the hands on sensory activities!

This is a great multi-sensory activity for sight words, spelling words and possibly vocabulary words as well. After the word has been written using the plastic screen, you could have the students trace the word as well.

Multi-Sensory Activity for Teaching Letters and Sight Words

Another multi-sensory activity for learning letters. Use a stamp to form a letter out of fingerprints.

OT Tools for Public Schools: Shake It Up and Stamp Your Letters

letter z activities for pre k pinterest | printed these letter tile cards from makinglearningfun.... I added ...

Growing in Pre K - Emergent Literacy

FANTASTIC pre-school site. Has everything you need to get organized with your pre-school.

the red kitchen: One-to-One Counting With Marbles & Flashcards (Preschool Activity)

Preschool Math - number wheel (match the dots to the numbered clothespin)

The Moffatt Girls: Preschool Math

Blank Bingo Card Template - Every Bingo Game ever imagined has been created - Use for Dr. Seuss Week!

49 Printable Bingo Card Templates - Tip Junkie

A great addition to a busy bag collection or just a quick activity for fine motor skills. This printable activity features colors, shapes and counting! from PowerfulMothering...

Shapes, Counting and Colors Busy Bag (with Printable)

Word Family Books

My Homeschool Tale: Word Family Books