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Cat tree - for real. This would look great in the house, much more decorative than the carpet towers sold at the pet centers, and the kitties seem to be enjoying it! Craft store tree, handyman platforms, totally do-able.

smart to put a salt rock in here (not sure if safe for cats so may need to put away from them)

Exterior of cat enclosure

Cat enclosure for Billy and Oscar with designer, Chuck

Giant suspended cat playground

Cat shelf and secret drawer

イエムラブログ » 大瀬町の住宅 ~猫と暮らす家②~

Dream patio for the cats. :) Would have to build railings so I wouldn't worry when they're senior citizens.

Unpredictability and Surprises: Cat Room Design.

Kits' Garden Enclosure - Inside this tropical paradise, the kits get to enjoy cat-safe foliage including patio palms, impatiens and parsley, plus tons of other feline amenities.

Once the baby comes, do you think we should make the back patio into the cat room?

Unpredictability and Surprises: Cat Room Design.

Kitties at Shadow Cats are happy and comfortable -- and they get to hang out on this amazing screened-in patio.

Shadow Cats Rescue Provides Sanctuary for "Unadoptable" Kitties

cat patio

Maumee animal shelter opens kitty cabana

cat patio

CagesByDesign Customer Photo Wall

The ultimate cat patio ... the catio!

Twitter / Vandawall: The ultimate cat patio! ...

Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White

Enclosed "Catio" | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White


Safe, Friendly Cat and Dog Enclosures » Home of Habitat Haven

Very cool stuff! Design cat tree - Exclusive scratching trees | Reading Cat furniture