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Pollination Lesson Ideas

Pollination worksheet

Pollination Parties - Handout - Discovery Channel School

Worksheets: Read Up On Pollination

Read Up On Pollination

Students made their own honey bee and flower. They learned about pollination!

Cheeto Pollination Project featured on 'Living a Wonderful Life' Blog

Living a Wonderful Life: Rollin'
  • Laurie Benson

    great idea! I've tried to use jello in the pollination experiment before but the colors aren't bright until you get them wet!

  • Patricia DeRiggs

    I love this idea. I am going to try this this week but with flour and colored construction paper flowers

Pollination activity for science notebook. Use cheetos, the cheese dust represents pollen.

Science Notebooking: Animals/Plants
  • West Branch Public Library

    Bees drink nectar from flowers to make honey. When the bee is sitting on the flower, pollen gets stuck to his legs. When he flies to another flower the pollen on his legs fall off on that flower and that's how seeds are made.

Possibly the most beautiful video I have ever watched!! (Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination)

A nice book to go along with Sonlight Core A when you read about Johnny Appleseed. Packed with information in just 32 pages, children will learn about growing apples, cross-fertilization and grafting, pollination, who are the leading apple growers, varieties of apples and more.

Seed Cycle ($0.99) In this fun and educational app, children can grow their own beautiful flowers while learning about plant growth and pollination. Players earn badges as they complete different stages of the plant growth cycle. With informative text and a read-to-me option, children can learn science vocabulary and concepts while helping a busy bee pollinate flowers and protecting their plant seeds from a hungry bird. Designed to appeal to children from toddlerhood to elementary school.

Seed Cycle on the App Store on iTunes

Plants HD ($1.99) high-quality interactive content about plants & their lifecycle. In-depth look into topics such as seeds, germination, pollination, flowers, trees, fruits, and dispersal. Scientific information about the various topics is combined with quiz and game to enhance the learning. Flip through photos, read content or have it read to you, listen to music while reading, or just play a game. HD picture covering various topics; arranged like a deck of cards to shuffle.

Plants HD on the App Store on iTunes