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Mum is making bean sprout, living in a small town means self-sufficiency.

congee is nostalgic food to me

chargrilled pork

fragrant kitchen with my Pho

It's been a while since I was REALLY in the kitchen. I've been travelling and busy preparing for another journey. Now being home with mum, I have chance to cook for them, Mum had cold, she's coughing all night through and I am finding a way to scare it away. Congee is a very traditional method but it's a shame that perilla does not spurt in our garden this year.

fresh ground pepper corn, does make the different, don't be lazy

1202, spring roll: mix not squeeze

  • Huyen Chi

    I saw people squeeze the mixture, that's bad, the filling become soggy and mushy (I hate it). bind them not blend them

Mum grew bean sprout and I made salad

1202 summer roll revolution :p

1202 my jewels

1202 dipping sauce, is all