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Kitchen with white cabinetry, wood floors and granite countertops. Designed By Leslie Jensen, Signature Design & Cabinetry. Tacoma, WA.

I built a legal 3 ft deep pond in my front yard. Most city codes do not allow a front or backyard pond over 18" deep without a 6 ft fence with self-closing gate. To get around it, I installed an 8x8 1/2 in. epoxy-coated rebar grid 18" below the surface & placed rock & plant pots on it. I left every third space clear so fish & turtles can escape below. It's safe for kids & predator proof for pond-life. I call it the "Fence-less Pond" My yard was featured in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine in 2005

Have a place for this in my backyard. Have the rocks too. I'm just afraid my Husky will think it's his personal spa!

  • Rittenhouse

    haha I have a husky too and i know what you mean!

  • Malicity D'Obscuro

    I'm trying to make one that my dogs can enjoy...and it look nice, as well.....I can dream!

  • Heather Valtee

    I'm sure my dog will get in when we build ours. Any of you know if there is an extra filter or something to keep dog hair out of a pump? Or is that not a concern?

Spring Sweater // White Converse

Magnets made of leftover coins from traveling.

sloping escape, This was a wooded sloping lot and my husband had the idea to take advantage of that slope with ponds and a stream that connects them. We made use of the gravity so to speak. It turned out great we think. I am the gardener in the family though!, Yards Design

Romantic media-cache9.pint... STAYREAL setting the atmosphere

the style saloniste: Fields of Vision: Nature Glorified