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Tricks and Tips for Kicking the Caffeine Habit | The Detox Diva

No equipment crossfit workouts

Hike It Off: Treadmill Workout from Self Magazine: Set the treadmill at 3.6 mph, and toggle between inclines to simulate hills. Minutes: 2  Incline: 0 Minutes: 1  Incline: 4 Minutes: 3  Incline: 8 Minutes: 2  Incline: 12 Minutes: 1  Incline: 3 Minutes: 2  Incline: 10 Minutes: 1  Incline: 12 Minutes: 4  Incline: 7 Minutes: 2  Incline: 12 Minutes: 2  Incline: 6 Total: 20 minutes

4 moves to strengthen the muscles in your feet and ankles to run farther and healthier.

Add tea bags to your bath to get all the benefits of green tea without drinking it. I hate the taste of green tea, so if this works, I'm stoked

7 ways to tone your inner thighs..You won't be able to walk the day after, but your legs will look great!

Hamstring Curl: Keeping your hips lifted, bend your knees to pull the ball toward your glutes (concentric contraction). Pause at the top (isometric), then straighten your legs and return the ball to the starting position (eccentric), but keep your hips lifted.

fitness for stomach and butt

Wear High Heels? Do a lot of running? Or if your on your feet all day like me...Do these stretches. Save your feet!

Yoga for the Splits: Practice these poses everyday to gain flexibility for the splits. Start by holding each pose for 30 seconds on each side. Work your way up to 1-3 minutes as your muscles start to open up. Goal is not the splits; just improve my terrible flexibility

DIY: 7 ways to get rid of dark circles/ANY type of scar/Stretch Marks. | DIY Beauty Tutorials

Jillian's No-Equipment Workout (16 minutes). Do as many reps as you can in one minute.