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Sand Struck by Lightning The strange looking sand formation above is called a fulgurite. Also known as petrified lightning, fulgurites are formed when lightning instantaneously melts the mineral grains in sand and fuses the grains together. The result is a hollow glassy tube with a root-like appearance.The estimated temperature required to create a fulgurite varies, but it is believed to be between 1500°C to 4000°C.

This is what happens when lightning strikes sand

Eine kleine Gruppe von Appenzeller Silvesterchläusen steht in ihren Tannenzweigenkostümen vor einem Haus.

Geschellt, geklingelt und gejodelt – Silvester in Appenzell

Milan Preview: Ventura Lambrate - News - Frameweb

Milan Preview: Ventura Lambrate

'Kukeri' dancers (Bulgarian mummers) from Bulgaria's Shiroka Lika festival

striped dress. by yoo ii on flickr. nani-iro.

Bulgarian men in " babugeri" costumes, used in pagan rituals.

young man in traditional bulgarian clothing. gettyimages

Tourists, Eyup Sultan - Istanbul

This Emerald and Diamond Tiara, formerly in the Collection of Princess Katharina Henckel Von Donnersmarck, circa 1900 was sold by Sotheby's for 11,282,500 CHF in May 2011 #jewellery #emeralds #diamons #auction

Lot | Sotheby's

Grace Jones Birthday: The Star Turns 64, Plus Her Most Sensational Style Moments (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Happy 64th Birthday, Grace!

Grace Jones by Bjorn Tagemose

The Amazing Maldive Islands Part III(10 Pics)

The Amazing Maldive Islands Part III(10 Pics) | #top10

An Ocean of Stars ~ A Maldives beach awash in bioluminescent phytoplankton. Photographer hala065. #myt