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Pentagonite and Stilbite - Wagholi, India

Minerals Minerals Minerals! : Photo

Ammonite Fossil - Madagascar

Minerals Minerals Minerals! : Photo

Moldavite - Czech Rep

Minerals Minerals Minerals! : Photo

Fluorite - Saxony, Germany

Minerals Minerals Minerals! - Fluorite - Saxony, Germany

Liddicoatite from Estatoby mine, Madagascar.Liddicoatite is a rare member of the Tourmaline minerals, and belongs in the sub-group of Elbaite.

Tourmaline in Quartz

the lapidarist, ggeology: Tourmaline in Quartz

ROSASITE (Copper Zinc Carbonate) from Arizona, USA. showing the botryoidal character of the mineral. Photos taken with a microscope at 10X and 25X  Rosasite crystals are 2mm in size.

“ Labradorite ”

the lapidarist, yadmiga: Labradorite

bambiwitch: “ Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals ”

the lapidarist, bambiwitch: Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals

Neptunes Garden Mosaic Art Tile Polymer Clay and by MandarinMoon,

The Magic Faraway Tree

Ammonite Fossil - Madagascar

Ammonite Fossil - Madagascar at Bijoux et Minéraux

mineralia | seethestarsablaze: vmagazine: Italian...

Dioptase and Wulfenite // Arizona, USA