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I'll be right with you ;) lol

CrossFit Motivation | CrossFit is for bad-ass chicks!

Kipping MUSCLE UP Progression ✳HIPS are very important in a kipping muscle up....I will do this one day. #crossfit

Who can stack the most Hostess Ding Dong's on their Head? Without dropping them. Like Human Jenga-Hilarious Party Game Fun! For Birthdays & Sleepovers-Kids loved it! Want the Game messy? Take the snack cakes out of the wrappers! ;)

Crossfit humor. Bahahahaha!!!!

Crossfit Humor

So bad, but funny!

Palm Trees and Pixie Dust: DIY Maleficent Horns

DIY Maleficent Horns for under $10! $9 foam board $0.50 purple ribbon Any plain black fabric laying around #diy #maleficent #horns

Lol, I don't even care! I told him to make me hate him! :)