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"sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places"

"In my life, I know that God didn't give me this pain -- but what the enemy tried to use for bad, He turned into good. When you have the incredible power of faith in action, nothing holds you back." -- Nick Vujicic

Guest Bedroom Art Printable

Great list for zen & spiritual gift ideas. Ahhhhh... I feel more relaxed by just reading it.

12 negative thought holding you back - 1. My past is indicative of my future; 2. I care what they think of me; 3. I'll do what makes me happy someday; 4. I can't, It's too late, I'm not good enough; 5. There's so much that could go wrong; 6. I will never forgive you; 7. I don't like them because they're broken, 8. I am too unhappy to make anyone else happy; 9. I can't trust anyone; 10. Everyone else is doing it, so it must be right; 11. It will never get better; 12. I don't have time to dream.