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Finnish president Taina Hailonen in a reproduction based on textile and jewelry finds in a grave at Eura, Finland, dated to approximately 1000 AD

Make Your Own Dancing Baby Groot

If you can find the positive in everything that happens to you; good or bad, then you will be forever happy. Live free. Shred hard.

LOVE Joss Whedon!

Our first vacation, my husband did this in DC. I knew he was The One.

LIKE and SHARE: “What to do when you lose a tooth”: An instructo-graphic by Ollie & Darsh. See also our "Tell me about" - Cracked teeth: www.dentalhealth....

Handsome boy

  • Tina Culbertson

    Good for you, adopting from the shelter! Ours are rescue dogs and you'll never find a more loyala nd loving dog that those who are given a second chance.

  • Stephanie Lenz

    This is not my dog. It's a picture I repinned. It does look like my long-passed rescue dog and we have three rescue pets but it's a repin.

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