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Rustic Farmer’s Bread – Golden Crackly Crust with Chewy Crumb, a few basic ingredients is all it takes to make this beauty.

Rustic Farmer’s Bread

VIETNAMESE SUMMER ROLLS (rice paper rolls): - rice paper - julienned carrot - coriander leaves - shredded lettuce - julienned cucumber - cooked shrimps (split in half) - handful of cooked rice noodles

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Cheddar cheese recipe and instructions- age for 30-60 days waxed

How to Make Cheddar Cheese | Cheddar Cheese Recipe

Puri: The Amazing Puffed Indian Bread [Recipe]

Puri: The Amazing Puffed Indian Bread [Recipe]

slow cooker honey bourbon chicken recipe

Slow cooker honey bourbon chicken recipe (Olive & Ivy)

Simple trick to buying perfectly ripe avocados #goodtoknow

Good night, Posterous

Literally, the best salt on earth for your health. No water retention. It is better than gatorade, and remedies congestive heart failure, and swelling related to hormonal imbalances! My husband healed from congestive heart failure using this!

Flavored Water Recipes. Say no to juice and soda!

Jamie Oliver | Food | Recipes (UK)

Negative calories because they burn more calories during digestion than they have in them. awesome..

One of my most important food shopping tips ever--those annoying stickers on fruits and veggies tell you A LOT! 4 numbers mean they were conventionally grown, 5 numbers starting with number 8 means they are genetically modified (GMO), and 5 numbers starting with 9 means they were organically grown (no pesticides or nasty GMOs)"

What Do Those Codes On Stickers Of Fruits And Some Veggies Mean?

Potstickers - Homemade potstickers are easier to make than you think, and they taste 10000x better than the store-bought ones!

Potstickers - Damn Delicious

Bean & Corn Salsa 1 can black-eyed peas – drained & rinsed 1 can black beans – drained & rinsed 1 can yellow corn – drained 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped green pepper 1/4 to 1/2 cup finely chopped jalapenos 1 can petite diced tomatoes – do not drain 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1 – 8oz. bottle Italian salad dressing Mix & refrigerate over night.

Easy Bean And Corn Salsa

Vegan avocado mayonnaise Avocado has cross-re-activity with sesame, but none for us yet :D

(Lighter!) Sesame Chicken with Quinoa Recipe | Good flavor, super easy to make, but does not make much. I doubled the chicken part of the recipe, kept the quinoa part as-is, and served with a boatload of steamed broccoli and it was enough for 4 small servings.

Homemade Chili & Taco Seasoning Mixes - many of the chili packets have MSG and other stuff so I am excited to try this.

Fuzzy Navel Jam - Peaches, Oranges, and Peach Schnapps. This website is awesome.. TONS of Canning Recipes.. Dehydrating Recipes and Tips on Canning! ♥