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Carnists-My Venting Pins

A collection of images and stories illustrating how odd, stubborn, irrational, thoughtless, greedy and/or gluttonous carnists can be.

Corrupt Law Enforcement Ignores Animal, Child Abuse

No matter what the political or financial desperation, it takes a depraved mind to gravitate to slitting the throats of innocent "food animals". The whole system is sick and twisted. To allow this kind of perverted and violent practice to continue is not in the best interest of an evolved society. "No society that feeds its children on tales of successful violence can expect them not to believe that violence in the end is rewarded" Margaret Mead

Could America ever be a meat-free nation? Not likely the writer claims - My rebuttal below:

Could America ever be a meat-free nation? Not likely
  • Bea Elliott

    The key phrase is "immediately today". And of course that's not going to happen. But there will absolutely continue to be a gradual decline in the consumption of animals and their secretions.

  • Bea Elliott

    Previous workers in the meat/dairy/egg industries will be absorbed into new companies that manufacture "meat-free and vegan" options. Others will rework their land into growing other crops and human foods rather than the mono-cropping of corn and soy for animal "feed". Using nonhumans for their manure? Human waste and permaculture can remedy that too.

  • Bea Elliott

    We don't have an issue when we export millions of tons of animal flesh to other countries. I don't know why importing fruits and vegetables that we can't/don't grow here should be a problem... Who knows? We might have the opportunity to taste and enjoy some of the 93% of the varieties of vegetables, grains and fruits that is currently "unavailable" to the U.S.

  • Bea Elliott

    Of course the animals will suffer less... That's a huge bonus. Our health will probably improve. Land and resources will be used more wisely. My thought is that we most definitely will become a meat-free civilization if we are to succeed at all.

"culled chicks" as "hatchery waste" - What a sickening industry!

WorldPoultry - Responsible disposal of hatchery waste

cannulatedcow - Totally depraved.

How now, cannulated cow?

Human error, economic interest and pure ignorance caused these (almost extinct) antelope to be killed --- All to protect "livestock" interests by-the-way...

Imported antelope euthanized - IOL SciTech |

Not only a carnist... But a religious nut as well.

  • Gabriela Gonzalez

    I have trouble accepting humanity. I have cried so much over many heartbreaking scenes like this. Yet, I make myself watch. It gives me strength to speak out and raise awareness about the cruel objectification of these poor souls we call animals.

  • Bea Elliott

    I'm sorry Gabriela that your heart aches so... Sorry that this world has so much ugliness. I cry too (often)... Take comfort in knowing that we are not all this dark or pitiful... Many of us do care and are working for change. It will come!

Men exploiting females by manipulating and invading their reproductive system - All for money/profit!

The benefits of Estrous synchronization

She loves eating exotic meats and local delicacies while on her travels, revealing she even consumed insects on a trip to Thailand. She says she enjoyed moose meat in Alaska and ate seal in Norway, telling the publication, "I don't like randomly slaughtering cuddly creatures, but in Norway there's so many of them. I'm very practical about food.

Wesley J. Smith - War on Meat Part of War on Humans- The argument is that we utilize all of the corpses for lipsticks, musical instruments and glue...

  • Bea Elliott

    But humans are made of blood, fat and collagen. We have intestines and bones as well. I don't see anyone rushing to use the "resources" of our bodies. Indeed the opposite is true.

  • Bea Elliott

    Our dead take up valuable real estate and require tons of pesticides and insecticides to keep the green-carpet lawns attractive while our corpses are preserved in sealed vaults.

  • Bea Elliott

    There's abundant wealth-generating, plant based alternatives to using the life-less bodies of others... And even if not - Economics don't trump ethics. Next.

Where you aware that sea lions are "branded"? :(

  • Bea Elliott

    No one competes with man for fish-food and gets away with it.

To grasp how unreal reality can quickly become under the influence of language melded with a predilection for savagery, it helps to check in every now and then with the Texas Hunting Forum, where language renders violence the norm. Pour a stiff one, because here’s what’s happening:

"Expressing affection in the face of slaughter might seem to contradict the basic morals of a vegetarian." Photographer romanticises the lives of butchers & murderers: A vegetarian in the slaughterhouse

Ah yes... One must "quell that nagging sense of empathy".

  • Judy Frost

    always found is appalling, recall being shocked a a child at this, never partaken !

  • Bea Elliott

    When your eyes are open it certainly is blatantly brutal and vicious... Like all animal use. Sad more of us don't see that yet. In time...

“There were goats hanging from trees, draining blood,” he said. “There were barrels with chicken decapitations going on. There were people burning the hair off goat parts.” Lagrasse said employees of the farm were slaughtering animals in the barn but that untrained members of the public were involved doing other things as part of the slaughter process. He also described large quantities of animal blood and various parts and tissue discarded carelessly.

Backyard Slaughterhouse