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Thousand Islands

Back tonight after three days of exploring the historic and beautiful Rideau Waterway by boat with Lyne Roberge. On our way home, we tied up at Canada's 1000 Islands (Endymion Island) National Park. Yet another jewel! We are so incredibly fortunate to call this area home.

As summer winds down, the River's mood begins to change. Out here one doesn't need to move the camera to capture a different scene, only to pause briefly between shots.

The night sky hasn't been terribly cooperative this summer, but the view from Raleigh Island's ( dining room - three Adirondack chairs and a table on a flat slab of granite - was pretty decent on Monday night. Here's hoping September's cooler nights will provide even better opportunities.

The January 2014 1000 Islands Photo Art wallpaper image awaits...

The recent ice storm produced a monochrome painting, which only in the last moments of the following days when the clouds evaporated, briefly allowed the sun to add a few brush strokes of color.

Need a summer read? One in a Thousand's MarCom Award citation: “Every once in a while an entry comes across the judging table that totally enthralls us. We quickly forget where we are and what we are doing. We become spectators, not judges. Such was the case with an eBook app called One in a Thousand. With the first image you drift away to that place in your brain where you see and feel pure beauty and nirvana. Instantly, the images and words infiltrate your imagination.”

Shot yesterday at Singer Castle while prepping McLellan Group's video production for one of the Aquatarium's exhibits. MG's tech geniuses were the creators of our award winning iPad App "One in a Thousand."

Here's yesterday's "One in a Thousand" view. To say this River has a thousand moods is to sell it way too short.

Great Lake Swimmers "New WIld Everywhere," their 2nd Juno nomination, recording the music video "Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife."

Toniata Island at the mouth of Jones Creek, December 28th, 2012.

This shot of "the dining room" was processed by DxO Optics Pro which digitally corrects flaws in cameras and lenses, while bringing out the light. Click on image to enlarge.

A Thousand Islands with a thousand moods, constantly changing. Dawn this morning, overlooking Toniata Island.

  • Dorothy Sedock

    So grateful for your photos. They allow me to be in the 1000 Islands wherever I may be. Thank you again Ian.

"In August, Canada’s Juno nominated band “Great Lake Swimmers” visited McLellan Group’s ‘Eastern Office’ in the 1000 Islands. With three great shooters, perfect weather, underwater cameras and the River’s funkiest barge, we created the official video for “Ballad of a Fisherman’s Wife” from their acclaimed “New Wild Everywhere” album. It's 3 minutes long and will give you a wonderful last 'hit' of Summer." - Doug McLellan, CEO, McLellan Group

10 days ago I moved to shore, trying to delay the inevitable. It's not remotely like island life, but the River remains beautiful. This morning.

Two Raleigh Island firsts. Its most regal ever visitor, surveying the island from a shoal that in all the years I've been here, has never before surfaced.