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So let me get this straight: Feminists were being sexist when they said they wanted a society free from the rule of the Patriarchy (which, by-the-by oppresses us ALL and that is exactly why we seek to destroy it), but MRAs are not sexist when they post those 1950's-style memes with quotes like, "Why yes, it is a sexist t-shirt. And I'm totally cool with that." and "Remember when the English word for 'sexually active woman' was 'wife'?"? You do realize, that's explicit hypocrisy: You claim Feminists tried to obtain rights by use of misandry, but this whole time, you've done nothing to address the real issues men face IN THE PATRIARCHY, and instead, have devoted your time to insulting Feminists and blaming them for men's grievances CAUSED BY THE PATRIARCHY, while simultaneously oppressing men! Yeah, you read that right: MRAs OPPRESS MEN! "The idea that women find 'attractive' a man who is 'sensitive enough to cry' is as true as the idea that men find 'attractive' a woman who is 'addicted to twinkies.'" Sound familiar? Quoted directly from another of those MRA memes. You see, when you base your self-worth in how women see you (that is, how women find you attractive) and then proceed to say it's all about those false fantasies of hyper-masculinity (being "manly" includes never crying or showing any other emotion, using/discarding women, having excessive muscle build, being a certain height, having short hair, etc.) then YOU become your own oppressor. You are forcing yourself, along with all other men, into a narrow, unrealistic, PATRIARCHAL standard. And to top it all off, MRAs NEVER, EVER mention anything about homosexual men, trans men, stay-at-home men (i.e. not the "breadwinners"), men of color, or really any men outside of the U.S. and who are not *caucasian (*of European descent) and heterosexual. You think that's not oppressive or exclusive? Better rethink your "cause."

#awkc #sparty #anti white knight coalition #sexism #pointing out the obvious short hair, red pill, funni stuff, anti white, knight coalit, at the beach, anti feminist, white knight, pill societi

#awkc #sparty #anti white knight coalition #sexism #pointing out the obvious


    I completely agree with this wholeheartedly. However feminism isn't the problem at least not TRUE FEMINISM. True feminism is equality however a lot of people who call themselves "feminists" are misandric assholes. I fully oppose misandry and misogyny. I support feminism

Damn right.

That explains a lot!

Worthy is a high bar.

Damn straight.