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GM said it would pay $27.50 per share in the buyback deal, a 7.9% premium over Tuesday's closing price of $25.49. The company will record a $400 million charge on its balance sheet in the fourth quarter. At that share price, the government will take a loss. The government, which said it would sell the rest of its 300 million shares in an "orderly fashion" in the market, needed to sell its 500 million remaining shares at a price of about $53 to break even.

Prisoner identity photographs, taken by Wilhelm Brasse, of Czeslawa Kwoka of Poland. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Czeslawa arrived with her family at Auschwitz on Dec. 13, 1942, and died on March 12, 1943. She was 14.

The draft of the newest Army handbook seems to suggest that ignorance of Afghan culture is to blame for deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the coalition forces, according to The Wall Street Journal, which got a peek at the 75-page document. But its message of walking on eggshells around the locals is not going over well with U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen, the top military commander in Afghanistan.

A Fox News contributor was punched in the face during a pro-union protest Tuesday in Michigan, one of a series of confrontations between union demonstrators and opponents on the day the state Legislature approved so-called "right to work" legislation that unions oppose.

Opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi rejected his calls for dialogue on Friday morning and pledged to push ahead with planned protests that threaten to bring fresh violence.

PA radio broadcasts song glorifying suicide attacks: “My heart, with fury, exploded and scattered.The shrapnel of this life flew, and the enemies were beheaded,” went the words of the song, according to the PMW translation. “Grieve not, Mother, shed no tears over my torn flesh. Gather [my] bones, Mother, return them to the earth…”

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood accused of paying gangs to rape women: A protester the newspaper identified as Yasmine said she was attacked while videotaping demonstrations. She said about 50 men surrounded her and began tearing off her clothes, grabbing her breasts and sexually assaulting her. She said she suffered internal injuries and was unable to walk for a week.

Boeing and the US Air Force have successfully demonstrated a working electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) device over a military compound in the Utah desert.  A spokesperson for Boeing stated, "Today we turned science fiction into science fact.”

Volunteers scan a crowd in an effort to detect and prevent sexual harassment during a demonstration against President Mohammed Morsi in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, who delivered a supportive speech of Israel at the UN before its vote Thursday on the Palestinian statehood, said Friday "the bottom line is we will not let the Jewish people and the State of Israel stand alone when the going gets tough."

LuckyTV - Burger­slachtoffers 21/11/2012 (Amerika,Israel) "We are trying to maximize the number of civilian casualties," Netanyahu says in a fake satirical video edited to appear genuine.

In 'NY Times' interview, maker of "Innocence of Muslims" says film aimed to reveal "the actual truth" about the Prophet Mohammad.

The vast majority of Canadians and Americans think that the world can’t accept a nuclear-armed Iran, according to a new poll.

Missile defense system aims at intercepting medium-range missiles, will work in conjunction with Iron Dome, Arrow, Arrow 3; IDF estimates there are 200,000 rockets, missiles pointed in its direction.

Demonstrators storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Alexandria, pelt Port Said offices with stones, and call for Egyptian president's ouster in Tahrir Square after he is called "pharaoh" and the new Mubarak for seizure of new powers.

A Jersey Shore rollercoaster that was destroyed and partially submerged during Superstorm Sandy may remain as a tourist attraction.

Denied the right to travel without consent from their male guardians and banned from driving, women in Saudi Arabia are now monitored by an electronic system that tracks any cross-border movements.

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    And yet Obama likes to go on and on about the war on women here in America.

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    and obama the black muslim, homosexual, socialist/communist with a pathological narcissistic personality disorder thinks what ever muslims do is okay. even president sarkozy of france thinks he is insane.

A poll released Friday shows that about half of Israelis think their government should have continued its military offensive against Palestinian militants in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

The IDF Spokesman’s office said Thursday it was looking into a photograph circulating widely on Facebook in which 16 IDF soldiers arranged their uniformed bodies on the sand, to spell out the Hebrew words “Bibi loser” — in a deft physical critique of Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu’s failure to send ground troops into Gaza during the just-ended Operation Pillar of Defense.

The Iron Dome anti-rocket system has been a noted success for Israel in its Gaza assault, with a success rate of up to 90%, according to one military source. The only problem has been keeping up with demand for the interceptor missiles, their makers said on Tuesday. “We’ve been working in non-stop shifts,” said an official with Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd, which developed the system.

The bus exploded about noon on one of the coastal city’s busiest arteries, near the Tel Aviv museum and across from an entrance to Israel’s national defense headquarters.

India executed the lone surviving gunman from the 2008 terror attack on Mumbai early Wednesday, the country's home ministry said.