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special needs teacher quotes...this is true of all students, sometimes we need to remember the bigger picture

Help encourage your students to do their best on standardized testing by getting your parents involved! Send home this letter a week before testing. Perfect timing!!

Classroom Freebies: New Year's SCOOT!

Miss Nelson is Missing (feat. music by Bjork, Madonna, Garbage, & Blondie) WAY too cute! Kindergarteners acting out Miss Nelson is Missing.

Movie clips to talk about bullying. Wow, this is terrific collection of good movie clips. This was re-pinned by  Follow all our boards.

Hey kids! I made some brown Es. SO definitely going to do this since we will be at school on this day.

Class stationary! Give students Post Its and ask them to draw self portraits. Collect, attach, and make copies.

18 Joints Dance This dance is performed by students from the Power Brain Education center. I love it. I would watch the video, chunk the dance for your class BEFORE expecting them to follow the entire video. The dance is 3:50 minutes long. Have fun.

Have a student sit on a chair in front of a white board while the others write a positive phrase about them. (No peeking at what is being written.) Great esteem booster! I'm thinking one kid a week, take a picture to give the student to keep. Awesome!

Add an icon so students sit at same spot for small groups every time. Eliminates time wasted due to seating arguments and reinforces a skill- shapes, colors, etc. Can change the skill throughout the year according to what you want to concentrate on and keep it interesting.

Snowball write 3 things about themselves on a sheet of white paper. They do not write their names on the paper. Wad it up and on your command, have a "snowball" (or baseball) fight. At the end of 1 minute, each student grabs the nearest snowball and tries to guess who wrote it. Teambuilding... I did this last year, and at the end of the year kids still listed it as a favorite memory!

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