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Random Humor and Geekery

How to get up and get dressed

Hilarious snarky Darcy valentine

I'm guessing this is in Redneck country, be it north, south, east, or west!

pick me up and play with me at once.

hee hee

Sneaky kitty

lol, I'm such a geek

How to kiss in 1942. I never knew there were instruction manuals!

Dog named Boner

OMG. Is that a yellow cup? (Sorry for the icky photo, guys. For some reason this just really made me laugh.)


You just have to love old advertisements [ and I work very hard at staying out of bed, so I must be the cutest damn thing on the planet!]

I spend enough time using this particular appliance. It might as well be the best.

The caption for the image is "puppy knuckles" making it perfect for this category. Some would argue this is not a photography accessory. I would argue they are wrong. (But I'd argue it in a nice way)

  • Maia Y

    Dorothy, I'm not sure how I will punish you for exposing me to this first thing in the morning, but I will find a way.

  • Dorothy Northcutt Gray

    Oh come on! What could be wrong with seeing a nudie Hoff with Shar-pei puppies on his naughty area when you first get up on a Saturday? I know it made MY day! (Or it could be responsible for this feeling of having a stomach virus, I don't know)

  • Maia Y

    Well, it's more entertaining than a stomach virus, I'll give you that.

  • Holley Trucks

    Hands down the most provocative of an alarmed response toward anything I've seen on this site to date

Tom Jones in a photo that could have come right out of Picnik. It does not get better than this.

The Dark Side of the That's No Moon




Early library pun love for Valentine's Day

Took me a second, and then OH HOW I LAUGHED.

Darth Skeletor