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A beautiful rendition of Norway's national anthem. Listen here: There are 3 verses; here is the translation of verse 1: Yes, we love this country as it rises forth, Rugged, weathered, above the sea, with the thousands of homes. Love, love it and think of our father and mother, and the saga night that sends dreams to our earth, and the saga night that sends, sends dreams to our earth.

Stavanger Norway "Norway Beautiful side yards! The more I see of Norway, the more I love it!" taken from Pinterest #Regionstavanger

Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway By Bergen.

Norwegian Money: 1 krone NOK (or crown) is worth about .18 cents American currency.

Coin: Norway 1 krone 2009 : Someone : Coin collection -

Faroe Islands - Located in the Norweigan Sea

The mummified heart of a Norse giant. The inscription on the casket is written in old Norse runes and reads: “Behold! Within this casket lies the heart of the fierce and terrible giant known as Hrungnir, slain this day by Fafrd the Red whose bravery and cunning shall live forever!”

Gods And Mythology Of Vikings Personally in love with how sassy Hel looks here

Community Post: Gods And Mythology Of Vikings

Rauma Line from Dombås to Åndalsnes (Norway)

Discover Europe’s Top 10 Scenic Rail Journeys

Wild cloud berry picking in Norway.

Enjoying the wild fruits of late summer

Nalbinding Socks: Methods of Construction Viking method for making socks, hats, mittens Norse socks were made using an ancient technique called nálbinding (needle-binding). Using a single large, thick needle, it was a method of knotting the yarn. Although time consuming, this approach resulted in a nearly indestructible garment. If the thread were to break or wear out, the garment would still be intact, since the thread was everywhere knotted to neighboring threads.

Nalbinding Socks: Methods of Construction

One Nordic Deer Folkart Redwork Linen Christmas by CherieWheeler, $9.00

norwegian christmas decor | Reindeer Christmas wall decor by LilycatCrafts ... | Norwegian/Scandi ...