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How to make a low acid cup of coffee! #1 - Start with a darker roast, low acid coffee bean, such as those sold by Simpatico or Puroast. #2 - Use a cold brew coffee maker, such as the TODDY Coffee Maker. Cold brewing makes a fabulous and flavorful cup yet draws less acid out of the bean. #3 - Use Prelief. Just two tablets of Prelief reduces 97.5% of the acid in a 6oz cup of coffee. "LIKE" our page at: Buy all of these products at:

Simpatico - Espresso Roast DECAF

Simpatico - Espresso Roast REGULAR

Puroast REGULAR Coffee - House Blend, French Roast, Vanilla, or Hazelnut

  • Anne

    I didn't even know you could get low acid coffee, this is wonderful - thank you so much!

Puroast Guatemalan and Colombian Dark Roasts

Puroast DECAF Coffee - GROUND - House Blend, French Roast, Vanilla, or Hazelnut

Kaffree Roma - Roasted barley based herbal coffee that quite a few patients enjoy! Worth trying before you dive back into the low acid, real coffee products.

Kaffree Roma - Interstitial Cystitis Network Mail Order Division

Chamomile Tea - The most bladder friendly of all the herbal teas, we suggest trying this tea. Can be very soothing during flares, day to day morning drinks, etc. etc.

Peppermint Tea is one of the most safe herbal teas to drink when you're in an IC flare and it can help calm smooth muscle spasms of the bowel. Peppermint is not tolerated well by patients with GERD! They should use Chamomile tea instead!

Egyptian Licorice Mint - Yogi Tea

Chai Rooibos Tea - Yogi Tea - For those who like chai, this might work but we suggest that you make it weaker to test to see if your bladder tolerates it well!

Alvita Nettle Leaf Tea was recommended by Wendy Cohan RN for its antihistaminic properties.

Roastaroma Herbal Tea - Celestial Seasonings - This is a stronger tea and can irritate more sensitive bladders but it's also the most coffee like of the teas with a lovely aroma!

French Vanilla - Davidson's

Coconut Vanilla - Davidson's

Bing Cherry with Almond - Davidson's

Cherries Jubilee - Davidson's

Carob Mint - Davidson's

Caramel Peach With Coconut - Davidson's