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Apple Pie Moonshine...1/2 gallon apple juice,1/2 gallon apple cider, 3/4 C sugar, 1 1/4 C brown sugar, 4 cinnamon sticks, 1/2 liter 190 Proof Everclear...Add everything but the everclear to a large boiling pot. Bring to a boil, remove the pot from the stove and let cool to room temperature. Once at room temperature, gradually stir in the everclear. This is great over ice! Makes about 5 quarts. Store in mason jars in a cool dark place...pop in a cinnamon stick for added flavor!

An #infographic for becoming a beer expert. #beer #tiesociety #style

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Classic Cocktails: Our All-Time Favorite Drinks : Lemon Drop The Lemon Drop martini is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. Its lemonade-style appearance and flavor make it an ideal beverage for those that like to disguise the potent taste of alcohol.

Lemon Drop Cocktail Recipe

16 Creative Gin And Tonic Cocktails

16 Refreshing And Creative Gin And Tonic Cocktails

Best mimosa uses orange sherbet instead of orange juice! PERFECT for a summertime brunch!

Cream Soda Martini (4 oz pinnacle whipped cream vodka 10 oz jones cream soda)

The Perfect White Wine Sangria Recipe | Houston Moms Blog

Pudding Shots ~ 1 small box of INSTANT Chocolate Pudding, 3/4 C Milk (skim works fine), 1/4 C Vodka, 1/2 C Bailey's Irish Cream, 8 oz Extra Creamy Cool Whip

Perfect for a crowd - Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the slow cooker.

Wine and Cheese Party. This would be something for us girls to do some evening.

Never hurts to know great jello shot recipes: Sex on the Beach (orange and cranberry jello, plain vodka, peach snapps) Rum and Coke(dark cherry jello, light rum, coke) Lemon Drop (lemon jello, citrus vodka, sugar sprinkles) Grape Crush (grape jello, plain vodka, chambord) Hawaiian (pineapple (or blueberry) jello, coconut rum) Gin and Tonic (lime jello, gin, tonic water) Margarita (lime jello, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, salt sprinkles) Lemon Lime(lemon and lime jello, citrus vodka, sprite)