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ICTmagic Resources

Education links and resources from the award winning ICTmagic Wiki -

Educational news, guides, articles, tips and much more.

A wonderful 'gymnasium' for budding programmers. Work through programming challenges to earn points and increase your level. There are over 10 programming languages to choose from, including Python, Javascript and Ruby.

This is a superb site from the BBC with interesting questions to inspire awe and wonder. There are videos and other media which attempt to answer questions on history, science and much more.

An amazing crowd microphone app for Apple/Android. Connect your audience to the stage mics so everyone can be heard where ever they are. Free for up to 20 users.

The March Issue of the online UKED magazine. Educational news, tips and tricks.

This is a child-friendly sound sampler for Apple devices. Record sounds and play them back to make interesting 'music'. Supply your own earplugs! Download the app at

This site is aimed at girls and explores using media through a range of games and activities, where the player aims to be the best pop or TV star. There is also a section on being a savvy web user.

This is a fab HTML5 language learning site which tests your language skills through a series of games with 1500 words. The site collects stats on your performance. Languages include English, Spanish, German, French, Japan, Italian, Russian and Polish.

A superb science site which explores electricity and electrical circuits.

This site lets you create QR Code scavenger hunts quickly and easily. The basic account is free and all you need is a smart phone, any QR code reader and a login for the site. Make clues with pictures or link to other websites.

A citizen science project from Cancer Research UK which number crunches the data as you play a space shoot-em-up on your Apple or Android device. Apple: Android:

The February 2014 issue of the UKED Magazine from UKedchat.

This is a superb online comic book maker with a good set of backgrounds, characters, props and other features. There are also a range of apps for Apple, Android and other devices to try.

A useful online safety educational site supported by the UK government with lots of resources for teachers and everyone else. There is a vast listings section with every other net safety site I can think of, plus many more.

A great site for finding a wide collection of educational videos on science and maths.

A wonderful maths iPad app with hundreds of levels of kinesthetic fun for Primary school age children. Learning skills range from simple counting to rounding and multiplication right up to algebraic concepts. Download it at

This is a well designed collaborative mindmapping site where users can connect their idea and embed video, PDFs, images, slides, links and even html. You can add quizzes and also record lectures videos right on the site.

Create your own 'Street Map' like tour by uploading photo spheres to the web, where users can navigate between your captured locations. Making 3D school tours and virtual field trips just got a lot easier!

The first issue of the UKED Magazine from UKedchat and Subscribe for free at

Design your own Window Apps with this easy to use programming tool from Microsoft. Upload images and other media to use and share your app by sharing the link.

A useful tool for collecting lesson media and resources in one place to use and share. You can also browse the lesson sets from others in the community.

A great YouTube channel which aims to make information beautiful through superb graphics and narration. The videos are mostly about science.

A nice little platform game where players must collect all the candy canes and hidden presents and keep away from the tin soldiers.

Collect the stars and complete the snowman to complete the levels in this fab puzzle game.

Race your sleigh around the 3D race track and be quicker than the computer players to win.