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eating the whole beast

blood sausage 16

There Will be Blood. Sausages. | The Paupered Chef

A Crafty Gourmet: Why I Ate Lamb Oysters, aka Lamb Balls. Yes Those Balls!

If you haven’t tried beef tongue, you are missing out.  It is the most tender and delicious meat and can be prepared in a variety of ways (tongue tacos being especially popular).  Although it is a muscle, it is more nutrient dense than other muscles, and like the heart, is really considered an organ meat.  …

Beef Tongue with Rosemary Mustard Reduction - The Paleo Mom

A convenient nutrient-packed “food of recovery”

A convenient nutrient-packed “food of recovery”

Need a fun way to make liver? Try these grilled chicken liver skewers. Many recipes call for searing or pan frying livers, usually with onions. I have found ...

Grilled Chicken Liver Skewers with Lemon Butter Sauce

easy ways to eat liver roundup

Paleo Roundup: Easy Ways to Eat Liver - Grass Fed Girl, LLC

$5 Paleo: Liver, Sausage & Pepper Scramble - Grok Grub - Paleo Recipes and Living

Rave - Penis Stew