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Why kids need pets.

Why kids need pets.

Italy's Coast Guard train Newfoundland dogs to be K9 lifeguards. After 3 years training they are able to leap from helicopters to get to victims.

Newfoundland dog lifeguards jump into action to save lives

Adorable pictures of Julian and his Newfoundland Dogs

The good life | Little boy, big dogs and I

The Swedish vallhund also called "västgötaspets" is a breed of dog. It is believed that the Swedish vallhund distinguished itself during the age of Vikings, more than 1,000 years ago. Known as the "Viking dog", the vallhund was bred to herd cattle, catch vermin (such as rats), and guard the home. The vallhund was also referred to as "the little cattle dog of the Vikings".

Swedish Vallhund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Diezel the Bull Terrier ... Brought to you in part by ~ affordable custom pet memorials since 2001

Baby Giraffe

Twitter / BabyAnimalPics: Baby giraffe ...

Irish Wolfhound. The ultimate big dog.

I love the story of the dog taking a nap!!! I wonder if that is what Dash does when he hops the fence?! 6 awesome #dogs

A grey-blue English bulldog! I have never seen one before!