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"Higher Ground" is a song that speaks of the perseverance it takes to reach the higher consciousness. Let's all keep trying together, one heart and one song at a time, until we all reach the Higher Ground. Follow the link below to order the new album and support Playing For Change by telling all your friends and family to join the movement at

Morse code in video is apparently: “It doesn’t matter what I say” “The only thing that matters is how you feel” “Understanding that the words are irrelevant is of great importance” “What feelings do you have”

Every sun salutation should start with "Mere Saajan Sun Sun" - Shankar Tucker ft. Shweta Subram

Best clip ever. Sundayman - Now That I Found You ( Official Video Clip )

A project from the Bureau of Common Goods, Made by Hand was created out of the belief that the things we collect, consume, use, and share are part of who we are as individuals. For example, the food that we eat says something about each of us, as do the tools we use and the chairs we rest on. Objects that surround the space we dwell in tell stories, and not just about us. Where did they come from? Who made them? How were they made?

Just can't get enough of Bobby Mc Ferrin.

Incredible-ometer count down:)

“Her gün iki milyar alışveriş poşeti üretiliyor. Tüketim çılgınlığı dünyayı çöplüğe dönüştürdü. Compulsive buying disorder. Oniomania. Fashion victim. 2.25 milyon ton çalışır halde elektronik alet çöpe gidiyor. Bir yılda reklam için 500 milyar dolar harcanıyor. Planlı eskime: tüketilmeli, bozulmalı, eskimeli, yakılmalı yerine yenisi konmalı. Satın al! İtaat et! Hemen öl! İnsandan başka hiçbir canlının kölesi yok. Ormandan bu yana mutlu bir gelişme yok. Yalnızca ekonomik ve teknolojik kölelik.”