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Love old messenger bags. They're perfect for work, but less so for going to the store AFTER work.

LOVE this white schwinn bike bag. If i do get mine up and running again i may just start looking for something similar so i can carry papers to and from work.

love this idea for carrying about your purse while out and about on your schwinn! lol

Vintage Trippin' : That Inspirational Girl

love my Pt cruiser, sadly they stopped making them in 2011. I have no idea why. I plan to get a used 2011 in a few years, if possible. Perhaps then i'd pass mine off to my boyfriend and they we can have matching Pts...yeah...that might be worse that sweaters. lol.

LOVE this PT Cruiser. Part of me wants to do this to mine lol.

PT Cruiser & Chevy

As a teen i fell in love with one of the stupidest tv shows EVER, covington cross. It was a fun medieval ditty and it was nice to have something on broadcast tv (which was all we got) that wasn't a cop drama hospital show. Later i realized just how terrible it was, but i never got over how cool the daughter's crossbow was. At that time i tried to con my father into buying me one. He was interested, but didn't want to invest money in something we'd only target practice with. Sadly i still want 1

Love, Teach: The End of the World
  • Holly Stacey

    OMG! Someone else remember's Covington Cross!!! I thought I was beginning to dream it. Loved it at the time (would cringe now, lol)

  • Danielle Cook

    lol, i too occasionally wonder if i dreamed it all. I remember talking it up to friends in high school hoping that they'd watch it and it would stay on. I've since found an old vhs recording and rewatched it...oh lord. ROFL. I really was desperate for some sort of fantasy like tv. Still love the crossbow though :D

Another Pre-Culloden Scottish baskethilt sword c.1690-1720 From the same collection as item 0023. The guard has the "S" design which stood for "Stewart" (noble family in Scotland) These swords were often stored in the thatched roofs to keep the British from finding their weapons. Because of this, Not many survived the wet conditions. Blade is marked with a kings head several times on each side. I believe it is made by Mattias Wundes, German maker during the 16th c. Blade is 32 inches. 37.5 in...

Wonderful Waterful by TOMY: I looooooved this toy! I played with it over and over, even as an adolescent. Great stuff, and no batteries! Although I did have a bug craw in the open water tab one evening & the next morning i found a dead bug floating in this. I was so freaked out and we couldn't get it out. Creepy. lol

Technically, this was a happening toy before I was old enough to use it, but my parents had it. my father and i use to play ours for hours. when i set it up again a few years back we lost an entire evening playing together LOL (who knew that with the right attachments from radioshack you can still plug this bad boy in!)

A Look Back at 1970's Toys

I loved these! i cannot for the life of me remember what they were called, but they were awesome in the tub. i wonder if these are still made of available. Not that any of my friends have had girls yet lol.

Bah, they come in supergirl too! These cost more though. WTH? $39.00

Supergirl Cami and Panty Set

Well that answered that question. You can get an adult version of my old kiddie undies TODAY for only $35.00! I kind of want to buy these. Hmm... lol.

Ha, i remember owning a pair of the wonder woman undies in this pic. God...i imagine you can still buy them on ebay *shudder* (used underwear, yikes! lol). I also bet a 90lb comic con booth girl would totally put these on to sell stuff at her table. lol

From, 18 old-timey photos you wouldn't believe... like this bicycle machine gun. What the What?

love this, but i'd want it in red...and electric. I hate gas stoves. They are horrible to clean compared to today's flat electric stoves (ok mostly mostly i hate them because of my fear of having to light a pilot light lol)

lovely bikes. I miss riding bikes. I should try to find room to bring mine up but UGH, space is beyond a premium in this household.

Nylon airhouses from Life magazine, November 1957. i want one! lol

OMG, this is seriously disturbing. And sadly not out of practice. You should check out a young romanian model who has a 20 inch waist. What is WRONG with people?

  • Laurie G


  • Chantelle Watson

    My Mother is romanian & when she was 25 her waist was naturally 24" & I know plenty of very healthy young women that have smaller waists & arent "petite", myself included 24" waist & 39" Hip.. but the above is very extreme & not natural.. thats probably like 13" & for her age....

I have a pair of these. love them but oh they are slippery

Man, i miss typewriters. Then i remember how noisy they were and how it was impossible to fix a mistake or rewrite without re-typing the whole damn thing. Liquid paper my arse.

  • Laurie G

    I hear you! We actually have two: an antique one that DH's mom had repaired for us, and the one my Bobie and Zaida gave me for my 13th birthday. I love it, because it has a correction tape that literally removes the typed letters. It's amazing! I love typing and miss it!!!

the concession stand area. Amazing. Can we at LEAST get me that ceiling so i can put it somewhere where people can enjoy it? *sigh*