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Twisting is good for the spine and tones the obliques, the ab muscles that crisscross the abdomen. To increase your stability in this position, reach your bottom toward the ceiling — this also works the inner thighs. Start in side elbow plank on your right side, with your feet stacked one on top of the other (you can stagger your feet for more stability). Place your hand so your fingers point away from you. Place your left arm behind your head, and inhale to prepare. Exhale, and pull your ...

Circuit One: Elbow Plank With Twist

Learn the moves Tracy Anderson uses to work her celeb client's legs!

Sculpt Lean, Strong Stems With a Tracy Anderson Workout

A strong core makes for a strong runner. Here's 5 moves to start doing today!

5 Moves to Work Your Core

Mix up your cardio by using three machines for this fun workout. Switching machines makes time flies, works the body in different ways, and burns calories too.

Bikini Prep: Calorie-Burning, Triple-Threat Cardio

This is just one of the killer ab exercises in belly blasting workout.

15-Minute Standing Abs Workout--no crunches necessary!

Don't be deceived: Wall slides take some serious core strength. Click through for directions PLUS 9 more ab exercises that beat crunches: www.womenshealthm...