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Nah,.. looked better on the trailer

I tought it was going to be crap. But it was a good surprise...very, very funny. Good cameos as well.

Another AMAZING doc, everybody owes something to Corman. I loved the Corman persona, a relaxed guy.

The feel good movie of the year... great scenarios and a cute plot. Dont think watch it.

The best of the saga, fun and fun..even Cruise its allright in this one.

boringgggggggg boringg and one more thing... boring.

For the 25 billion time... fun movie for every day (today is sunday)

Ghibli as usual... amazing

Nice flick...Miss Williams is Norma Jean

nah... nothing great...

Fincher maneja bien los tiempos y si se quiere el clima.

buen homenaje al cine y a los cinefilos