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Subbuteo celebrates Fabrizio Ravanelli style!

Euro Final | Zonal Marking: Brilliant as always

Wilson: Lahm, the ideal footballer / Always my 1st transfer target in CM/FM

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Paul Merson gone mad. Hilarious

A Footballing Moment (In Paint)

"But I am living it as if it were one of the video games I liked as a kid: it is a new level to complete."


Jonathan Wilson's take on Hodgson's appointment. Fully agree with last sentence.

Zonalmarking. Brilliant explanation on Woy's appointment as manager.

After the Munich-Madrid game last night, revisiting this is appropriate.

Zonalmarking's Barca-Chelsea analysis. Brilliant. As usual.

Summarized the book 'Inverting The Pyramid' rather excellently.

Unfortunately, this is the only way we could defeat NUFC this time around.

Men being boys in a gentlemen's game played by barbarians.

Godspeed Fabrice

Why always me? Because I boss press conferences.

Still need goalscorers.