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Cremello Czech warmblood stallion Amor.

The Sport Horse Show and Breed Database

Campolina stallion Hamon de Luanda

Beautiful Pinto Creole Horses

Beiley 4914 - Hungarian cold-blooded

Magyar Hidegvérű Információs Oldal és Adatbázis «» 4914 Beiley

Curly! Iron Horse MM Lady's Rayce - born January 8, 2011 out of Pinnacles Lady Jane Clydesdale

  • Heather Stauffer

    the "curls" are a result of something they do called "soaping". It textures the coats. Seems to be pretty common in older horses in winter coat and youngsters in foal coat for shows.


    Interesting! Thanks for sharing, Heather :)

Belgian Brabant stallion

Draft Horse Village :: View topic - Brabant stallions

Soviet Heavy Draft stallion

В вечерних лучах - Избранные фотографии - фотографии


Бруч - Избранные фотографии - фотографии

Magnit, a Lithuanian Heavy Draft

Vladimir Heavy Draft

Владимирский тяжеловоз - фотографии


Marwari Hansraj - Christiane Slawik

Photo: Courtesy of Wildwood Trust Herds of wild Konik horses are helping create new habitats for birds, insects, plants, and other wildlife across the UK. Most recently, they were introduced to Loch of Strathbeg in Scotland.

Shadow of Equus: Wild Konik Horses Help Restore Nature Reserve


Marwari horse (indigenous horses of india)

Black Forest Draft

File:Schwarzwaelder-hengst.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Vladimir Heavy Draft

Владимирский тяжеловоз - фотографии

Akhal-Teke in beautiful tack

Extremely beautiful Budjonny

Буденновская - фотографии

Lustiano at Academy de Spectacle Equestre in Hermes bridle

Double dilute Akhal Teke

Equiros ‘2010 in Moscow by Mikhail Kondrashov (fotomik) via, Kabardin horse