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Slight bend of the knee while walking down the stairs. If they have glasses you can have them use them in a shot like this.

Have the subject grab the back of their elbow while sitting on the stairs. You can make the subject look and feel like a hero.

This is a pretty epic pose! the key here is confidence and controlled hands.

suit by Andreas Grzesiak | 500px

The secret here is looking away and having the hand create interest on the face. This is a tricky look but it looks amazing when you could pull it off.

Arroganz ! by Lucian Oprea | 500px

Slight head down + soft forehead wrinkle. Then have one arm bend showing off a watch and the other resting near the ab area. This one is a little tricky.

Chin forward + slight shoulder twist = Super simple pose

* by Ett Venter | 500px

Having your male subject sitting down relaxed with his body pointed slightly away from the camera can be a very great photograph if executed correctly. Try some shots with the face looking away and some looking at the camera. Have fun and stay relaxed.

Steve Conway Photography | Highschool Senior Portrait Sessions

This is a great example of a fun portrait where the guy looks normal and not too posed. If they have glasses this is a perfect way to give their hands something to do.

A side profile with an interesting depth of field shot can really help tell the story of your subject.

Scottsboro High School | Scottsboro Senior Photographer

The key here is having the guy use the arch of the chair to relax his arms on. Make sure that the chair is the appropriate size and doesn't take away from your subject.

Posing Guys ` | Jeff Smith Books Blog

These are two classic looks that you can't go wrong with... Enjoy!

Darina Todorova Photography -

Using an object (in this case a shot glass) and looking away from the camera can make an excellent statement! Use it to your advantage.

Using a staircase or small chair is the only way you could get a shot like this.

Posing Basics for Men

The key here is not having those arms dangling all boring and dead. Notice how he puts one hand in his pocket and is slightly curling his fingers with his other hand.

THE BOY FROM KLANG: Isn't he cute? Francisco Lachowski (Ford Men)

Sitting down with one knee up with your arms posed like this can create a look of strength and confidence if done correctly.

Looking like your just about to get up out your seat can create a cool like as long as you don't look like you're trying too hard.